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How to Care for Your Antique Crokinole Board

How to Care for Your Antique Crokinole Board

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Crokinole boards have a rich history. In 1876, Eckhardt Wettlaufer was the first to create the crokinole board as a gift for his son's fifth birthday and over time, it has become popular in Canada and parts of the United States. Today, people are still buying antique crokinole boards for gameplay. Antique crokinole boards should be cared for like any antique furniture. You may have an old board in your attic your grandparents used to play with, or there may be an old board in the cabin your family visits each year. If you are curious about being a part of this 150-year-old tradition, want to introduce your children to its history, or have access to an antique board, here are some things you should know to keep your crokinole treasure in good condition.

What to look for in Antique Crokinole Boards

The earliest Canadian crokinole boards were round in shape and still are today. However, octagonal shapes came to exist in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Wooden crokinole boards are made from various wood species, including ash, cherry, maple, oak, poplar and walnut. Noble species like Zebra Wood and rare varieties like Purpleheart are unique materials to look for from various sellers. The most common material for tournament play is maple.

What Is a Crokinole Board?

A crokinole board is the platform for a Canadian board game similar to pitchnut and carrom. Think of it as a tabletop shuffleboard game. Players take turns shooting discs across the surface to earn points by attempting to land them in high-scoring areas of the board. Additionally, they can earn points by knocking their opponent's discs off the board. The difference between crokinole, pitchnut and carrom is that crokinole players shoot the discs toward the center of the board rather than the outer corner pockets.

What Games Can You Play With Your Crokinole Board?

Crokinole is a game for two players, but it can be exciting when you gather four to team up against each other. There are many levels of play, from simple games in family homes to serious tournaments all over the globe. World championship play has different scoring than a four-player game and can be serious business for the professional player. Traditionally, playing the game in multiple rounds until you reach a score of 100 is the way to end the game. In tournament play, four rounds end the game with a different scoring method.

How to Care for Your Crokinole Board

Whether you want to maintain your board or speed up the play, there are some essential things to know in the care and maintenance of your board. The primary thing to remember is to keep your board clean. A small build-up of oil, dirt and dust can accumulate over time, and you will want to wipe it down with a damp cotton or microfiber cloth. Afterward, you can use warm water with mild soap to clean the surface, then make sure it is completely dry when you finish. Spray the dry surface with wax to create a smooth finish that will aid in the speed of your play. This is suitable for new and antique crokinole boards and will keep them in excellent condition.

How to Store Your Crokinole Board

There are several acceptable ways to store your vintage board. Some owners purchase a wall mount to proudly display their board in their game room, while others place it in a carry bag with a non-abrasive surface. Carry bags are a great way to protect your crokinole board during transport or storage. It can be on the shelf or under your bed. Avoid leaning it against a wall at an angle or putting it in direct sunlight. These are conditions that can damage your board.

Where to Play Crokinole

A significant advantage to crokinole is that it is a game to play anywhere with friends, family or someone you have just met. Your board can travel with you wherever you go. Spark a game with a friend at a local park or visit a nearby pub to participate in a game with teams. Find a nearby tournament where you can join a group for added fun. As a primary Canadian table sport, The World Crokinole Tournament takes place annually in Tavistock, Ontario.

Where to Buy and Sell Crokinole Boards

There are many places to find crokinole boards. A reputable crokinole retailer will allow you to special order one that is right for you. Additionally, you can purchase one from an outfit that sells multiple varieties of board games. If you want to sell your antique crokinole board, you will have no trouble finding an interested buyer.

How to Get Back Into Crokinole

Refamiliarizing yourself can be very easy if you are rusty at the game. If you still need to reference a rule book, pick one up at a game store or download an online copy. Several videos online will guide you back into how to shoot and score, but it might be fun to find a tournament game you can attend to watch the action live. It can be an exciting way to inspire you to get back in the game.

How to Pass on Your Antique Crokinole Boards

Whether you have one or several vintage crokinole boards, gifting one to a family member or friend is a great way to keep the crokinole tradition alive. Imagine how it felt the first time you laid eyes on yours. If you give one to a young player, they can teach others the game and extend its life into the next generation.

Your Crokinole Game Awaits!

Whether new to the game or seasoned, it is always an excellent time to play a game of crokinole. New or antique crokinole boards are the foundation of hours of gameplay to enjoy at any age. Be sure to get all the necessary supplies and find some great people to participate in a game to master your skills. The more you play, your skills will improve and you will relish in the satisfaction of this unique tabletop sport.


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