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6 Crokinole Strategy Tips For Your Next Tournament

6 Crokinole Strategy Tips For Your Next Tournament

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Crokinole is a fun game that involves skill and strategy. Although the game originated in Canada, players around the globe enjoy competing in Crokinole and showing off various strategies to get their discs to the elusive twenty-point hole in the middle of the board. If you want to improve your Crokinole strategy and become an advanced competitor, here are six Crokinole tips that benefit both new and experienced game enthusiasts.

1. Analyze the Board

Learning how to properly analyze the board and decide which type of shot to take is crucial for any Crokinole player. If any of your opponent's discs are on the board, you must aim for them and try to knock them out of scoring range. If the board is clear, you must aim for the hole in the center, but if you have other discs in play, you can choose whether to knock one of them into the center hole with your shooter disc or aim for the hole with your shooter disc.

It may seem like using your shooter disc to score points is the obvious best strategy, but this isn't always true. Because there are several pegs surrounding the center hole, you don't always have a clear shot. In this case, using your shooter disc to knock another game piece into the hole can be the difference between winning and losing. Knowing which shot is most advantageous for you is an important part of your Crokinole strategy.

2. Prepare Your Discs for Precise Shots

Crokinole discs have a slippery side that allows them to glide along the board easily. It also makes them difficult to control when you need a precise shot. You want your disc to go where you are aiming it, so applying a small amount of powder to the slippery side of the disc can make the game piece easier to control. Make sure you only apply a thin layer of powder so that the disc still glides easily but you have more control for precise shots. You can keep a small reserve of powder in the disc slots below your shooting quadrant for easy access.

3. Sit Correctly

Crokinole rules prohibit players from moving their chairs or the gameboard to get a better view of their intended shot, so knowing how to get the best possible line of vision to your target is important for becoming an advanced player. Most Crokinole players sit up straight and flick their discs toward the middle of the board while keeping their eye on the center hole. It's certainly best practice to keep your eye on the target so the disc goes where you are aiming it, but looking down at the game board does not give you the best line of vision. It's a better idea to bend over and level your eyes with your disc so you have a clear line of vision to your target and have a better chance of hitting it.

4. Place the Disc Carefully

When it's your turn to shoot, pick up a disc between your thumb and forefinger and gently place it within your quadrant on the shooting line. Crokinole rules state that the disc must touch the line at the edge of the board. Position your index finger a quarter inch from the disc and prepare to hone your shooting technique with a precise flick.

5. Anchor Your Shooting Hand

You may not think about muscle control when it comes to shooting Crokinole discs, but if you don't pay attention to your shooting form, you'll end up using muscles in your arm and shoulder that affect the precision of your shot. Hovering above your disc and flicking your index finger down to strike it uses too many muscles in the bicep. Positioning your hand behind the game piece and moving it forward to shoot the disc uses muscles in your wrist and hand. Not only do these techniques affect the precision of the shot, but they can also lead to wrist fatigue, which could negatively impact the rest of your game.

The best way to perfect your shooting form is to anchor your hand before shooting. Place your wrist on the table beneath the game board and position your index finger behind the disc as you prepare to strike. This technique keeps your wrist from getting tired and isolates muscle groups so you have better control and precision when you take your shot.

6. Flick the Disc With Your Index Finger

You shoot Crokinole discs by flicking them toward the middle of the board. Perfecting your Crokinole flick technique is essential for becoming an advanced player. You may be tempted to use your pointer finger for each shot because it seems like you have more precision and stability in it, but the best practice for Crokinole is to use your index finger to strike each disc.

Using your index finger gives you more speed and stability for each shot so you have a better chance of hitting your target. Use a smooth flicking motion with firm pressure to shoot your disc to the middle of the board. Practicing your flicking technique before each game on an empty board helps you understand how much pressure to use.

If you flick with too much force, your game piece will fly past the center hole and you will have no chance of scoring points with that disc. With too little pressure, the disc will not reach the center hole, and although there is still a chance of scoring by hitting that disc into the center with a shooter disc, you have drastically lowered your chances of scoring by failing to use the correct amount of force. Therefore, practicing your flick technique is as important as perfecting your shooting form.

Crokinole is a strategy game that people of many ages enjoy. Using these tips improves your skills so you can become a formidable competitor when playing Crokinole. Reading a Crokinole review helps you decide if this game is right for you, and you can find a game board by contacting Mayday Games today.


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