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Premium Wooden Train Token Set 100% Wood

350 tokens are included in this premium quality wooden storage box. Box comes complete with individual storage compartments to keep your trains separated by color.

 50 each of 7 colors:

  • 50 blue trains
  • 50 green trains
  • 50 black trains
  • 50 yellow trains
  • 50 red trains
  • 50 white trains
  • 50 purple trains

Each set of 50 includes each of the following:

  • 10 Engines
  • 10 Oil tankers
  • 10 Box cars
  • 10 Coal cars
  • 10 Cabooses

Token Size: 2.5cm X 1cm X 0.7cm

Check out the pictures!

Sized to be compatible with major train games including:

  • Railroad Tycoon™ (25 trains in each of six colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black)
  • Age Of Steam™ (25 each of Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black and Purple)
  • Ticket To Ride USA™ (48 of Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Black)
  • Ticket To Ride Europe™ (48 of Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Black) 
  • Ticket To Ride Marklin™ (48 of Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, and White)
  • Ticket To Ride Nordic™ Countries (48 of Black, Purple, White)
  • Ticket To Ride Swiss Map Expansion™ (48 of Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, and Black)
  • Steam™ (2.2 CM spaces so just a BIT smaller than this train set) and around 20 of each of Orange, Green, Natural, White, Brown and Black 
  • Chicago Express™ (2.2 CM spaces so just a BIT smaller than this train set) 20 red, 22 blue, 24 green, 26 yellow, and 11 black)
  • Union Pacific™ (7 gray, 8 cyan/teal, 9 brown, 10 orange, 11 white, 13 blue, 14 black, 17 yellow, 19 red and 23 green)
  • Wabash Cannonball™ (21 red, 23 blue, 25 green, 27 yellow, 12 black, and 14 brown)
  • Many more!

WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD: NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN! DO NOT let your children play with these unsupervised!

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