Crokinole Tournament Edition Board & Accessories


You can check out our current Kickstarter for 2020 HERE.  We are now taking PREORDERS for December 2020 for a very few of our boards!

Looking for the right wax for your board?

We have a lot of customers looking for more wax, we recommend the wax found HERE as it is 100% carnauba wax with no cleaners in it. $22 on Amazon Prime.  It will last you a LONG LONG time as it just takes a little.   

Invented in the Americas (ok CANADA!) and enjoyed around the world since the late 1800s, today Crokinole is a favorite pastime in pubs, parks, and living rooms. Beloved across generations, it even enjoys a devoted competitive following, culminating in the World Crokinole Championship.

Mayday Games brings the fast-flicking fun to gaming fanatics and families alike with champion quality boards and accessories.

Word to the wise: Our unique, vibrant, and often quirky game boards are known to sell out, so don’t miss your chance to bring home a favorite! 

Check out Shut up and Sit Down's latest video review of this amazing game:




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