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Yummy Yummy Pancake Promo Pancake Token Rules

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Variant Option 1:

  • Mix all the Promo Pancakes with the rest of the pancakes. Play until all the pancakes have been claimed. The player with the most of the promo pancakes win. If there is a tie the player with most of the regular pancakes win.
  • If one player gets all 4 of one type of the promo pancake they immediately win.

Variant Option 2:

  • Swap them or add them for variety to claim 12 pancakes first.

Variant Option 3:

You can assign them special abilities.

  • Wild Berry: Remove from game to take any pancake from a different player.
  • Ice Cream: Remove from game take any pancake from the supply.
  • Caramel Apple Pecan: Remove from game when you lose a guess. Flip the pancake. If flavor side up, you win the pancake. IF pancake side up you still lose.


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