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You Can't Conquer the Galaxy for Long in Eclipse Without Card Sleeves

You Can't Conquer the Galaxy for Long in Eclipse Without Card Sleeves

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As World War I rages, you strategically work to ensure the Habsburg monarchy maintains its power and the throne. While you make your strategies, ensure your game stays protected with high-quality Eclipse card sleeves.

Archival Eclipse Card Sleeves

Premium sleeves made with premium clear and crisp polypropylene keep your cards in pristine condition. We have the high-quality protectors you need that fit like a glove:

Considered a standard size, these covers measure 63.5 mm in width and 88 mm in length with an internal measurement of 66x91 mm.

Eclipse Game Play

This solitaire game takes place in Eastern Europe at the start of the war. The Austro-Hungarian Empire feels pressure from all around as Russians continue to bombard the area from the east while the Serbs push forward from the south. Fronts in the Balkans, Romania and the Italian border further create challenges for the Habsburg Monarchy.

Additional difficulties start to form as people under the monarchy’s rule threaten to revolt. Further complicating your goal to protect the monarchy and maintain an alliance you have with Imperial Germany.

The game features 50 intricate event cards, which Eclipse card sleeves protect and add a shiny element, that keep the movement of the game going. Detailed and intricate, the cards help propel the game by providing the latest headlines, important historical facts and the latest movement by your foes. Some special events also occur, which highly factor into the best strategies to take.

During game play, each turn follows phases that you must complete in a specific order. First, draw a card for the Headline phase. This provides you with the latest event that you must work to resolve during that turn. Second, Event Resolution happens. It unfolds during the third phase, Army Movement Placement. Your active allied armies get moved based on what the cards tell you.

The next step, Loyalty Adjustment, allows you to roll to change the loyalty of a different nationality. You need to watch out for those in the midst of revolt. If that happens, the game ends.

The final four phases get your excitement level elevated. The Action phase allows you to push back against your enemy, launch an attack or change resource allocation. Depending on the position of the Carpathian Front, you may face an increase or decrease in your Fortress strength. The final stage involves determining the national will.

If you avoid strategies that result in the game immediately ending, play continues until you have gone through all the cards. Winning only happens if you survive all events. In the end, you can tally up your victory points to challenge yourself to try to achieve the highest reward of international victory, which requires 31 points or more.

Acid-free Eclipse Card Sleeves

When you choose our premium sleeves, you get the confidence that no unwanted spills will taint your cards. Our Eclipse card sleeves have no acid or PVC, further ensuring their longevity. Get these sleeves before playing your next complex and an intriguing round of play.


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