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James Fox Has Some Cool New Rules For Walk the Plank (And He’s Only Six!)

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james-fox-3 In the Mayday Games inbox, we get a lot of great ideas for games and expansions. We also get a lot of ideas that are total rubbish. But recently we were contacted by a true gaming visionary, so before he goes on to become the next Milton Bradley, let us tell you about wunderkind James Fox. Fox writes us, ahoy! me name would be James and I am 6 years old and live in Goffstown, NH. I really like your game' 'walk the plank'' so I came up with these extra cards! the game is fun AND exiting and extra, EXTRA cool! I hope you walk the plank!  - love, James Fox. Well, we think James is extra, EXTRA cool too, so we asked him a few questions about life as a gamer pirate. Mayday: If there is one game everyone should play, what is it? James: Walk the Plank! of course.  Also, Carcassonne because you can claim stuff with your meeple and it has cool expansions. Mayday: What’s the best part about being a pirate? James: The best part of being a pirate is firing the cannons on the pirate ship. Mayday: And what kind of game should Mayday make next? James: I think a cool game would be about knights and castles. Young Captain Fox even designed his own cards for all to see! Check them out, and let us know if you enjoy the new “Fox Expansion.” james-fox-1 james-fox-2 A big thanks to the Fox family for sharing with us. Mayday imagines and publishes products for gamers of all ages, so stuff like this really warms our fuzzies. You can set sail on your own pirate adventure with Walk the Plank here!


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