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How to Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day

How to Celebrate Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Yep, it’s that time of year again.

Another major holiday is upon us.  No not Halloween or Easter or Christmas… the all-important Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yes on September 19 we will again have a chance to talk like a pirate and annoy our spouses.  So how can you make the most of this amazing holiday?  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Get it right!  If your accent is bad, you just aren’t going to be able to get the most of this holiday.  Consider listening to others talking like a pirate or watch this helpful pirate education video.  It has racked up over half a million views already and is informative.
  • Follow CNN’s tips.  CNN has some great tips on how to make the most of Talk Like A Pirate Day, but since they don’t usually post their tips until the actual day, planning is tough.  We recommend you just look at last year’s list for now. 
  • Full immersion.  Like any other foreign language, you have to immerse yourself not just in the language but in the culture.  The deeper into the pirate culture you delve the better you will understand the culture of the people.  Watch POTC or Goonies or for you more musically inclined The Pirates of Penzance.   Listen to pirate music, but don’t go crazy and start downloading unlicensed stuff on September 19, piracy is still illegal.  We are trying to have fun here, not end up in trouble with the law.  Another fun way to get involved is to play light-hearted, pirate-themed games.  Mayday has your back there, we have a special page set up just for Play Like A Pirate Day.  Yep Play.    We know you may work like a Captain, but you should play like a pirate.  Check out these great games and give them a try.  Not sure if our games are for you?  Go download Dead Man’s Draw on IOS and see for yourself how the game plays before you buy it (put in the IOS link). 

Whatever you do for Talk/Play like a Pirate 2016, make it memorable and have fun!


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