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Haiticon: Con for a Cause (Convention Roundup by Mike Hill!)

Haiticon: Con for a Cause (Convention Roundup by Mike Hill!)

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Image courtesy Haiticon

Image courtesy Haiticon

Note from Mayday Games: This is the first of many articles from Mike and we're excited to have him as a new contributor to the Mayday Games blog! Mike Hill is a Freelance blogger and long time gamer. Dad to 2 beautiful girls and husband to an amazing wife. His favorite style games include deck building and Amerithrash. Follow Mike on Instagram @TheBoardGameHipster. Have an idea for a topic you want him to cover? Let us know in the comments below!

I recently had the pleasure of attending the forth annual Haiticon in beautiful San Francisco. A convention with a cause to raise money for Ti Kay, the free TB/HIV clinic in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. While the goal is to raise money for the cause, the focus is to showcase new games from local designers and host a fun filled weekend of gaming while making new friends.


Jeremy Commander and Brian Henk showing off Jeremy’s Overworld Title Booze Barons. Photo courtesy Brian H.

Haiticon hosted a slew of amazing designers. Brian Henk from Overworld games, showcasing his catalog of awesome hidden identity and social deduction games including his soon to be released Leaders of Euphoria. Bryan Merloghi demoing his breakout game Cutthroat Kingdoms, a 3–6 player area control game with simple combat and open negotiation. Also, one of my favorite designers of all time, Ted Alspach, the creator of Suburbia, Castle of Mad King Ludwig and One Night Ultimate Werewolf. All his titles can be found on his label Bezier games.

Two of my favorite games of the weekend included Luke Lauries Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, from Minion Games. A worker placement game set in the post war, pre atomic energy era where you are in a race to be the first to global energy domination. This game has immense strategy and has tons of choices to make. With multiple paths to victory, no two games will be alike. The art is awesome and the game absolutely drips with theme. I missed the Kickstarter but will be buying my copy as soon as it hits the shelf. Exposed was my other favorite of the weekend. It’s a hidden identity game from Brian Henk of Overworld Games. You are a simple pickpocket at a party trying to steal wallets while staying hidden and trying to expose the other players. The first thing that jumps out at you is amazing art by Adam Forman. Second, is the quality of the components. The tiles are nice and chunky, the cards are great, and the little wallets that you are stealing are really cool. Exposed is in the fulfillment stage of it’s Kickstarter and should be in stores soon. Make sure to pick up a copy.


Happy Gamers playing Scythe. Photo credit Brian H.

The weekend included more than just demoing soon to be released games. It featured a game library with an awesome selection of high quality games, food available by BiRite, including skewers and salad, and a huge raffle with tons of prizes including a signed copy of Pandemic Legacy. A board game auction was held with some rare and vintage games like an unpunched copy of Civilization. There were also large games of One Night in dedicated rooms, including a game of Werewolf with a special scenario put on by Everett Tishler.

What a memorable weekend. I look forward to next years Haiticon and I’m excited so see what Aaron Newman, creator of Haiticon, has in store for us!

Mike H.

@TheBoardGameHipster on Instagram




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