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Crokinole Rules - Basics for Beginners

Crokinole Rules - Basics for Beginners

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As you know, Mayday Games loves the game of Crokinole, but not everyone knows what it is, or even if they do, might not understand the rules of Crokinole. We’re here to help explain the rules and to hopefully inspire you and others to break out a board and start playing this ancient yet addictive game!

Mayday Games-Crokinole Rules - Basics for Beginners

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  1. Rule #1: Each Player Gets 12 Discs
    1. Each player gets one color
    2. When 4 players are present, each player gets 6 discs and can be on teams
  2. Rule #2: Once Seated Players Cannot Move Their Chair
    1. Also must remain seated at all times when flicking and shooting
    2. A player’s hands and fingers must be off the board unless it is their turn
  3. Rule #3: Players Must Shoot Within a Disc on the Shooting Line
    1. Once all players take their turns, the round is complete
    2. The order of each player goes clockwise
  4. Rule #4: Discs In the Center are 20 Points, Discs Around the Center are 15 Points, Discs in the Middle Circle are 10 Points, Discs in the Outer Circle are 5 Points
    1. Once a round is complete, the totals are added up, then the winner gets the difference in points in that round. 
    2. Example: Blue team has 45 points and red team has 30 points. Blue team wins 15 points for that round
  5. Rule #5: First Player or team to 100 Points Wins
    1. If 100 points is not reached within a round, the next round starts with the person to the left of the previous winner
    2. In the event of a tie, the remaining players go for one more round
  6. Rule #6: When Shooting, Each Player Must Hit Another Player’s Disc 
    1. If a player flicks and hits no one’s disc, that disc is removed from the board
    2. If a player flicks while no one else’s discs are present on the board, they must get it within the 15 point zone, otherwise their disc is removed




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