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Anachrony Board Game & Card Sleeves: The Best Gift for Sci-Fi Fans

Anachrony Board Game & Card Sleeves: The Best Gift for Sci-Fi Fans

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Although rebuilding the world after a post-apocalyptic event gets messy, Anachrony card sleeves ensure your vital cards stay in pristine shape adventure after adventure. You also want to ensure you get the perfect fit to keep pizza grease and spilled drinks from seeping in.

Custom Fit Anachrony Card Sleeves

We have the card sleeves to keep both sizes of your cards safe:

Whether you have the original version, Infinity Box, Essential Edition or expansion packs, you can have confidence that the cards will snugly fit in our card sleeves. The cards for each game follow the Euro sizes. The sleeves for standard cards measure 59x62mm while the smaller sleeves hold the 45x68mm cards.

How To Play Anachrony

After a catastrophic explosion in the 26th century, the few surviving humans must work to rebuild the world. Unfortunately, the humans left have followed four different paths regarding how the new world should look. Once the game starts, the players must choose the path of Dominance, Harmony, Salvation and Progress as well as which of the two leaders they wish to follow.

Players must use time travel to meet up at the only location available called the Capital or the ruined lands for resources. Using a two-tiered worker system, players work as engineers, administrators, geniuses and scientists. Each path has different directives that players work toward.

Played in rounds, players can only travel to seven eras each game. Timeline tiles get used for tracking the eras. Each era has a unique phase necessary to progress in the game. The phases include allowing for refilling and refreshing resources, rolling for a space-time continuum penalty, powering up exosuits to travel, warping to the future to bring back resources, and gathering workers for building new structures in another era.

As players work to amass Victory Points to win the game, another world-ending situation sits on the horizon. Along with the negative effects of too much time traveling, possibly imploding the world, an asteroid with a mysterious material, Neutronium, has set course for Earth.

Using competitive strategies, the one to four players must resolve each of the different phases and any time travel issues prior to the game ending. During the fourth era, the asteroid makes an impact. If the infrastructure collapses during this time, the game ends prematurely. If not, players continue working toward finishing the seventh era.

Players get points for time travel, buildings, timeline anomalies and other projects, such as purifying water or trading with nomads. These points get tallied along with Victory Points and any penalties to determine the winner. If a tie occurs, the player with the most resources gets the right to claim victory.

High-Quality Anachrony Card Sleeves

Anachrony comes with a rich and detailed storybook, intricate pieces and visually impressive cards. Using high-quality sleeves free of acid and PVC helps ensure they last for years to come. Add elegance and protection to the game by ordering your standard and mini Anachrony card sleeves now.


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