Dented Copy of Walk the Plank Deluxe Tin Edition LE - Limited Kickstarter Edition
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Dented Copy of Walk the Plank Deluxe Tin Edition LE - Limited Kickstarter Edition

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Note this is a DENTED COPY of the game which is why it is so cheap!




Welcome to Walk the Plank!  The captain has rounded you all up today because its time to face the facts.  you're just a bunch of goofy, lazy and frankly immature bunch of pirates and not worth the rum and loot you're paid. The Captain is willing to keep just two of you to bring the ship back to port where he can fill out his crew with less worthless scum.  But which two in this gang are even worth keeping around?  


He wants to let you fight it out for yourselves and may the least stupid pirate win!  To prove you're worthy just shove all the other pirates off the Plank and be the last pirate standing...

The last two pirates on board win!






This game has been referred to as a "Light Robo Rally" because you are programming your pirates three moves in advance.  Then all players play their top card in order and resolve the action, then go to the second card and then the third.  You are "programming" your pirates 3 moves in advance but you MUST TAKE THE ACTION!  That's right, even if you choose to "CHARGE" on your third turn and can only charge your own pirate, you MUST perform the action.  This is a light-hearted game where half the time you end up hurting yourself as much as the other players!

Want the rules in your own language?  No probelm!

  • To download the full rules in English HERE
  • Нажмите здесь, чтобы правила на русском языке.  
  • Voor de spelregels in het Nederlands klik hier.  
  • Se quiser regras em Portugues só clique aqui
  • Reglamento de Walk the Plank traducido al castellano aqui
  • Deutsche Regeln klick hier
  • Traduction française des règles cliquez ici
  • Traduzione del regolamento in Italiano clicca qui.


Learning This Game Is A Snap!
Learning This Game Is A Snap!





Rarely do you see a game offered on Kickstarter that has so may reviews, let alone so many that are positive.


Dan ranks Walk the Plank as #63 of all games ever!
Dan ranks Walk the Plank as #63 of all games ever!












"Walk The Plank is a game that I very much enjoyed. ... Think of it almost as a very, very light form of Robo Rally where people are going to be programming what they do each turn, but you're only programming three actions. A fun, light game. Everyone I played with had a good time with it!" - Tom Vasel, Dice Tower

"We adore this game. It is fantastic. I even use it for design classes, I like it so much. ... It's really easy to just start playing and have a good time with it." - Eduardo Baraf, Edo's Game Reviews

"I like the fact it's a great filler game, a great family game. I just really enjoy this game overall. It's definitely gonna find it's way onto my shelf. Walk The Plank: an absolute thumbs up." - Forrest Bower, Bower's Game Corner





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