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The fantasy world of Laar needs a new ruler – and that ruler could be YOU! Build your state's power pyramid by developing your military and magical might, increasing your own authority and earn precious gemstones you need to expand your nation. This 1-4 player boardgame pits players against each other as they compete to become the ruler – and winner of the game. Players recruit allies, from wanderers to Princes, enact laws and earn power points to become ruler of Laar.

Viceroy will dazzle players with spectacular artwork and well-made components. The game includes:

  • 60 character cards

  • 20 law cards

  • 4 auction cards

  • 64 gemstones (16 in each of the four colors: blue, red, green and yellow)

  • 33 double-sided magic/science tokens

  • 17 double-sided attack/defense tokens

  • 54 power point tokens of different values
    (8 tokens worth 2, 3, 10 and 12 points; 4 tokens worth 4, 5, 7, 8 and 15 points; 2 tokens worth 6 points)

  • 24 bonus tokens for magic
    (20 double-sided tokens with the values +2/+3, 4 tokens with the value +5)

  • 12 bonus tokens for circles
    (2 with the value +2 and 1 with the value +4 in each of the four colors: blue, red, green and yellow)

  • 4 players' screens

  • Rulebook

"I liked Viceroy from the moment that I opened the box. The art work in this game is phenomenal... Everyone has an amazing time and everyone is left wishing they'd done something differently at the end.... The game is absolutely packed with strategic decision making and it plays flawlessly." -David McMillan, Meeple Pusher Reviews (Full review HERE).

"The game has a 7 Wonders vibe in the resource management and building of your own tableau, but with a touch less player interaction and some added complexity... Overall I really enjoyed it, and I'm excited to see how the player dynamics shift with three and four players instead of two." -Phoebe Wild, Washington DC, USA. (Full Review HERE).

"We were really blown away by this game! ... This is a great great game. Not only is the art STUNNINGLY gorgeous, every single card is just beautiful to look at.... The game is so bright and cheery and wonderful, and its SO SATISFYING! " -Richard Ham, Gozo Malta (see full 20+ minute WALK THROUGH video HERE and final thoughts/review HERE)
Average Rating: 7.24/10
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