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Get Bit! Sharkspansion

The Get Bit! Sharkspansion is an expansion to the Get Bit! Game that allows a 7th player to play as the SHARK. This expansion was released in connection with Mayday Games' Kickstarter campaign for their reprint of Get Bit! in 2011.


Shark Hand Containing:

  • Right Leg
  • Left Leg
  • Right Arm
  • Left Arm
  • Head (no ties)
  • Any Limb (must be tied)
  • 6 Hunger Tokens


Choose one player to play the Shark, and give him the Shark hand. (This increases the number of players needed by 1, making the game a 5-7 player game.) The shark player receives 1 hunger token for each swimmer in the game.

The base game is setup as normal, including the shark not appearing on the first round.


Game play is the same, except that the shark player also puts down a card from his hand when all the swimmers do, and is revealed at the same time.

After all the swimmers have moved, the shark bites whomever is in the back of the line, and removes the limb corresponding to the card played. They play out as follows:

  • Right Leg, Left Leg, Right Arm, or Left Arm: If the swimmer has that limb, the limb is removed, that swimmer jumps to the front and picks up all of his cards. If the swimmer does not have that limb, it is counted as a Miss - see below.
  • Head: If there were no tied cards played by swimmers this round, the swimmer in the back is removed from the game immediately. Otherwise, it is a Miss.
  • Any Limb: If any of the cards played by swimmers this round are ties, the swimmer in the back loses a limb of the swimmer's player's choice, jumps to the front, and picks up all of his cards. If there are no tied cards, it is a Miss.
  • Like a swimmer, if the shark is ever down to just one card in his hand, he picks up all his cards.


    On a miss, the shark loses one hunger token, and picks up the cards he has played. The swimmer in the back does not lose a limb, move, or pick up his cards.


    If the shark loses his last hunger token, the game ends. The swimmer with the most limbs wins, and if there's a tie, the swimmer with the most limbs closest to the front wins.

    If the game ever comes down to just the swimmer and the shark, the game ends, and the shark wins.

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