Premium Hardwood Crokinole Board - 2018 Edition (Beech)
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Premium Hardwood Crokinole Board - 2018 Edition (Beech)



Back in stock as of mid-July 2018!  Yes these always sell quickly so get yours now!


Premium Hardwood Crokinole Board
Comes with Crokinole Discs. Ready to play out of the box.

Boards:  crok

The boards consist of a 26" diameter playing surface + 2 inch ditch + 1/4 inch rim = 30.50 inches in total diameter and 3 inches thick. The game will come double boxed in a box with dimensions of 34.5 X 34.5 X 4.5 Inches and weights in at a massive 17.4 pounds (7.9 KG). Yes these are HUGE! Our boards meet the The World Crokinole Championship™ specifications which are:  

  • 26" diameter playing surface (66cm) 
  • distance from 'dead' center of the '20' hole to the pin/post circle is 4" (102mm)  
  • distance from pin/post circle to 10/5 circle is 4" (102mm) 
  • distance from 10/5 circle to 5/start circle is 4" (102mm) 
  • distance from 5/start circle to the edge of the playing surface is 1" (25.5mm) 

These equidistant factors contribute to the 'science,' design, and original intent of the game. "20" hole diameter is generally 1-3/8" (35mm) with a depth of ¼" (6mm) width of dividing circle lines is recommended as 1/16" (1.5mm) but no more than1/8" (3mm) width of ditch/gutter (from side rail/rim to edge of playing surface) is a minimum 2" (51mm). 

This standard is neither new nor something defined solely for the WCC event. Rather, this is the paradigm viewed from dimensions established more than 120 years ago. 


International standard disc size has been set at 32mm diameter x 10mm thick ± .5 mm. 

Yes this board's discs are convex/concave!  


A Word About Mayday Crokinole Boards

Mayday is a small US company that is passionate about Crokinole.  When Seth from Mayday looked for a crokinole board for a family gift all the way back in 2011 he found there were only $250-$400 custom boards available on the internet, sometimes with wait times of over a year!   Thus began Mayday’s quest to make a value board that would allow this amazing game to get into more homes than ever before.  We have hosted the GenCon Crokinole tournament for the last several years and are so happy to get this game into the homes of many people who just wouldn’t take a chance on this game were a discount option not available.  We have had many happy customers go on to buy more expensive heirloom quality boards from true craftsman, but still use our board for most casual games.  We are delighted by this!  Our boards aren’t perfect, but they should be perfectly functional and give the owners a sense of enjoyment for years to come, and allow customers to access their own desire for a true artisan board after giving our board a go.  Please accept that almost all of our boards have some small imperfections.  Consider adding a carrying case or rubber/screw set of pegs should you prefer a more unique look.  Both are available at  

Surface Care -Note that the most important feature of a crokinole board is the interaction of the discs with the hardwood and that 90% of that interaction is dependent upon the wax on both the discs and the board itself.  This is why you can find boards made of hardwood, painted plywood, metal or even glass! If the top surface is properly waxed, then the discs will behave the same on every surface.   The Mayday Board will function best with a proper top coat (or two) of wax.  We recommend Carnauba wax which you can pick up at most hardware/automotive or even mass market stores (like Amazon/Walmart) but be sure to get a wax that is 100% wax and has no “cleaners” in it so as not to damage the wood on your board.  If you can run your fingernails across the board and feel a “grainy” feel or your nails snag somewhere then you need to apply another coat of wax.

Discs -We are very happy to offer this board with convex/concave discs, meaning each disc has a “fast” and a “slow” side.  If you place a disc on the board and spin it on both sides, you’ll quickly discern which side is which.  Player skill and personal preference will dictate which side each player uses, but playing with the same side for all discs will allow players more finesse with each shot!  Experiment with both sides and see which YOU prefer!

Appearance -Note that our boards are made of MDF and finished on both sides so that any wetness should not absorb into the board.  Any water that gets into MDF can cause the wood to bloat and warp, so wipe any spills off immediately and don’t take your board swimming.  It might float but it will look quite bad when it comes out of the pool!  The top layer of wood on this board is made of beech hardwood veneer (meaning the very top layer only is hardwood, the rest of the wood is MDF).  This veneer is made from thin sheets of the wood from real beech trees.  These sheets of beech vary in length, some being smaller than a crokinole board’s surface.  This means that most boards will be made up of 1-4 different trees’ wood.  It is all beech but the variations in color from one tree to the next account for the differences in color on the board.  This is a natural feature of all veneers and is not a defect of the board. 

Some small glue marks or chipping along the rim/ditch of the board is also quite common, touching up these small areas with a black or brown “sharpie” permanent marker should make any areas where the wood is chipped all but invisible.

Pegs -Note that the wooden pegs for the game will fit a bit loosely in the holes on the board in most cases.  We have had problems with prior production runs with the pegs being much too large for the holes, so we have intentionally designed these to be just a bit loose.  The pegs won’t fly off while playing the game, but they are a bit “wobbly”.  If this isn’t to your preference we recommend a drop of wood glue to attach the pegs permanently, or to simply wrap a small piece of masking tape around the bottom of the peg for a more snug fit.  Alternatively, you might consider a rubber/screw replacement set of pegs for a “bouncy” game of Crokinole.  We offer these peg sets on our website too.

Storage -Store your board in a cool, dry area and if possible store it completely vertically or horizontally.  Storing it at an angle could warp your board.  Storing your board in a very humid area could allow moisture to penetrate the board and cause warping.  Exposing your board to extreme temperature shifts frequently can also cause damage to your board.  Careful care and handling should be taken when transporting your board and we recommend one of our Mayday Crokinole Carrying Cases both for storing and transporting your board. 

Card Sleeves FAQ

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Premium VS Standard Protection

Premium Protection

  • Thickness: 90 microns.
  • Protection level: Indestructible!
  • Great for the serious collector or gaming enthusiast with serious protection in mind.

Standard Protection

  • Thickness: 40 microns.
  • Protection level: Can't touch this!
  • Perfect for the casual budget-minded gamer, or even for the serious gamer who prefers a slightly thinner sleeve.

Bargain "Almost a Penny" Protection

  • Thickness: 30 micron
  • Protection level: Solid
  • Good for the casual gamer on a tight budget for games that don't see as much play.

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