Ghost Meeple for Walk The Plank

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By very popular demand we are making this really silly and totally unauthorized expansion available. This is NOT authorized by the designers, not play tested and will have no official rules or info on it. It is a secret mini expansion that is just a ghost meeple. This ghost meeple will be awarded to the first pirate who is fully eliminated from the game (all 3 pirates are OUT. This player will continue to push/shove and generally cause mayhem with his ghost pirate, haunting the rest of the crew. He can't do physical things like cut or extend the plank, but can push and shove, but can't be pushed or shoved himself. This will be a white colored pirate meeple and may even feature glow in the dark paint if we can get that done by the factory, no promises though. Again, this is just a silly expansion that is totally unauthorized, but may well turn out to be a lot of fun!

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