Extra Train Set (32 Tokens in 8 colors)

Product Description
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$4.95 USD
Need some extra trains? We've got ya covered!

This is an extra train token set which features 4 more trains in each of our 8 colors, for a total of 32 trains.

NOTICE: All train set pieces are mixed. You will get 4 of each color, but the train cars themselves will be mixed. Example: You may get 3 pink train engines and 1 caboose.

Included in this package:
  • 4 blue trains
  • 4 white trains
  • 4 yellow trains
  • 4 red trains
  • 4 pink trains
  • 4 black trains
  • 4 purple trains
  • 4 green trains

WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD: NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN! DO NOT let your children play with these unsupervised!

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