Click! Clack! Lumberjack!

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Click Clack Lumberjack Gameplay Specs

Click Clack Lumberjack 2.0 is here! Buy now!

New for fall 2013, the hit game, Click! Clack! Lumberjack! Axe Game. This is a dexterity game that really is a blast, just AXE your friends... yeah we just said that.

Fast-paced classic dexterity game for 2-10 players featuring an Axe, a tree, some grubs and an infinite amount of fun from Korea!

Click! Clack! Lumberjack is a newly remodeled and revamped version of our already famous Tok Tok Woodman game. Whether you own the original Tok Tok or not, you owe it to yourself to give Click! Clack Lumberjack a look!

Tok Tok Woodman was our 3rd Kickstarter project ever way back in the fall of 2011. You can check it out HERE. It successfully funded but the high price point and large packaging meant it didn't really appeal to a broader audience and it never took off like most of our other projects have. We have set out to change this with Click! Clack! Lumberjack. So what is different? Here is a quick summary:

  • Newly redesigned and improved packaging
  • Additional variants and rules for more replay-ability
  • Smaller shelf space for more portability and travel fun
  • Lower MSRP and significant savings to KS backers!
  • Shipping Options that are right for you, including our USA-only FLAT SHIP METHOD
  • Stretch rewards including the much sought after Golden Axe and Golden Bark/Core Expansions.

Is that enough to make it different from Tok Tok? Maybe not if you already own it, it is more like Tok Tok 2.0 than a totally new game. The main difference is you can get it much cheaper now and we hope to use this success to get the game into larger distribution because of the lower price point.

The game is very similar to Tok Tok Woodman, with some notable differences discussed below, but the core game (no pun intended) is still the same. In fact, if you prefer you can play exactly as Tok Tok Woodman and ignore the extra variants, grubs and the like. Here are just a few of the many reviews of Tok Tok Woodman. Review is HERE

Reviews for Tok Tok Woodman:

"No one plays this without showing some emotions. Anger, frustration, humor but most of all laughing aloud about ones own inability to get that one easy piece. One of the best starters EVER." -Timo Schneider, Germany

"10/10" -Matthew M Monin (Octavian on BGG), USA

"Get out the Hatchet and ratchet up some fun. Timber!! have some bark Buster. A great simple to play, fun filler after a heavy night of gaming.!" -Rick Stonebraker, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

"This was nuts too. It involved swinging an axe and weird Jenga style goals. It was so silly it was great." -Sheamus Parkes on BGG, Indianapolis, IN, USA "A really crazy little game that was a big hit with the family. A strange game that was compared to Jenga, but really that is VERY superficial. The only real similarity is that it is a column that toppling results in an end game. Mostly, you will find yourself getting only one point per turn, but my son even got two and three points. Very fun, quick and addicting. I think this will be going on the wishlist!" -Nate Downs, Granville OH, USA

So why bother with releasing a game so similar to the original if the Original is so great? Great question! The game has been re-worked in Korea too under the name Bling Bling Gemstone already but we really wanted a smaller, cheaper version of the game to appeal to more audiences and we believe it could do really well in more mainstream retail stores, but for that we have to get the price point down. So we have made a lot of changes including:

Newly redesigned and improved packaging -The packaging and name has been updated to be smaller and more transportable. The original game took up a ton of space for what it is and the new, compact design will make it more appealing to families with limited space and road trips. The new design makes the game fit the "Lumberjack" theme of the game itself and will more easily convey the play of the game to the players.

Additional variants and rules - by very popular demand/request we are including some specially designed GRUB stickers that you can attach to the bark for lots more variation on the game. You can assign each grub to be worth double points and put them on the inside or outside of the bark if you wish, you can make a rule that any player that hits a grub piece off has to skip a turn, or hit with their other hand for a turn or two, The grub just add more options to the game and the possibilities are extensive!
Average Rating: 6.55/10
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