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Mayday Games has had a long partnership with Korea and its dexterity games, from Tok Tok Woodman to Click Clack Lumberjack and most recently Coconuts! We have been asked time and again to bring Bling Bling Gemstone to the USA and here it is finally! 

Comments from BGG:

10/10: "Quick to set up, quick to teach, quick to play, and very engaging and fun in such a short amount of time. I think this is going to become one of my game night staples so long as I'm gaming with people that like dexterity games.-Edna Lindebury, Columbus Ohio, USA

"Great silly fun for the whole family! My six year old girl jusr loves it. Quick gameplay and lots of tension. Only drawback is the kind of fiddly setup." -Andreas Josefsson, Sweden

"Hilarious-Lief Klein Konijntje, The Netherlands

"Neat little dexterity time that catches the eye and plays in just a few minutes. I think this will be a keeper for me, because it's so unique and charming." -Zee Garcia, Homestead Florida, USA

Remember, you can use multiple copies of the game to make an even larger game and you can even combine versions of the game for more crazy fun!

 We are still finalizing things on this game, but the rules to this game are simple, watch any of the videos above or just follow these directions:

1) Set up the pieces as a tower

2) Every player gets 2 hits with the pick axe.  Outside pieces give you points and the core (middle) pieces are negative 10 points.

3) The game ends when all the outside pieces are gone, highest score wins.

Normal Scoring:  Clear pieces are +1 Point, Pink are +2 and Red are +3

Variants:  In a 3 player game you can assign each player a color (clear, pink or red) and each piece that is hit off is +2 points for your color, -1 point for someone else's color.  

Lots of other "house rule" variants are encouraged too!
Average Rating: 6.76/10
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