Kings Deluxe Wooden Token Set

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The Kings Deluxe Token Set! This features high-quality wooden tokens that are fit for a King! See what a popular Podcast says about this product!

From's podcast:

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The Spiel -Episode 75

25 wooden, yellow Gold trapezoid tokens 20 wooden, brown Wood shaped tokens 15 wooden, grey Stone shaped tokens Buying these tokens separately for would require you to buy 3 sets of our Euro Token Set to get 25 gold, a $90 cost. Getting these in sets of 10 would cost you $17.50. Get this custom set for less and take your game customization to the next level! Please note this set will work with most popular euro games including Settlers of Catan, Kingsburg, Stone Age, Power Grid or others. Product # MDG-7033, UPC #080162879379 Tokens Only

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