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Squid Die Get Bit Expansion: You will use the special Squid die for this expansion. At the start of every turn, before cards are chosen, have the swimmer in front roll the die. Leave the die up for everyone to see for the entire round.

Consult the die: 

Calm Seas (3 sides): Oh how nice... no change at all! You are "even" with the sea. The round is played as normal. 

Tidal Wave (2 sides): What the heck happened? It is a HUGE Wave! After selecting cards and running the Get Bit! phase as usual, with the shark biting the swimmer in the back, and the swimmer jumping to the front, the shark then is also moved to the front, reversing the order of the entire line, so the front becomes the back and vice versa. 

Ink Cloud (Squid image, one side): It's chaos I tell you! Chaos! For this round, all cards played are randomly chosen, and the Get Bit! phase is skipped.

Sharkspansion Note: The shark also plays a random card, but it has no effect. The Ink Cloud does not cause the shark to “miss.”

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