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No one likes taking out the garbage – least of all you! This 2-5 player dexterity card game pits you against your roommates in the game we all already play in our kitchen! Carefully stack the garbage on the garbage can, hide it in your whatever you must to avoid being the one stuck taking the trash out on garbage day!

This hilariously fun game will have you laughing as you dexterously stack those rotting banana peels on the mounting pile of yuck that is the garbage, hide that green milk carton or old candy wrapper in the unexplored reaches of your room – but don't get caught, because then you'll be cleaning up your mess!

Garbage Day comes in a unique garbage can shaped package which doubles as a game component! The components include:

  • 1 Garbage Can

  • 1 rule book

  • 77 Garbage Cards

  • 13 Mischief Cards


In Garbage Day, players take turns dexterously stacking Garbage cards one at a time onto the overflowing Garbage Can, or stashing Garbage cards in their rooms. But once a player’s Room gets too full, he/she must clean it by stacking all the cards from that Room on top of the Garbage Can, very carefully, one by one.

If any of the Garbage cards fall off the Garbage Can during your turn, take those cards and place them in your Overflow Pile. If your Overflow Pile gets too big, you will be eliminated from the game. If all other players have been eliminated from the game, you win!
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